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Is your Unwanted Tattoo showing when you wear your wedding dress?
Tattoos that once were a beautiful artistic expressions can cause Women/Men to feel self-conscious as they search for wedding attire. With many skin bearing gowns currently on the market, there is more of an opportunity to show the arms, chest, back, and even legs (kilts). Many Brides or Grooms simply don’t want their tattoo to distract away from their outfit or dress or show up in the wedding photos.

LASER TATTOO REMOVAL : A solution that won’t ruin your dress with cover make up or precious photographs. Our special laser technology can get rid of that unwanted tattoo and leave you with a beautiful, near-blank canvas. With the wedding day approaching, many brides will opt for a strapless gown for their wedding. Here at Mirror Mirror, we can help any bride shine bright on her big day and be picture perfect without an unwanted tattoo stealing the show.

If you are considering tattoo removal for your wedding, it is important to start the tattoo removal process early. Laser tattoo removal takes multiple sessions, so be sure to start treatments as soon as you become engaged.

We use the most advanced technology out on the market today! We pride ourselves on bring excellent results with minimal pain!

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